Recently, one of our donors shared this report with us - click on the title above or here to read it.  80% of clubfoot cases occur in developing countries and most of these children are either left untreated or receive substandard care.  Neglected clubfoot is one of the most frequent causes of physical disability worldwide and this report shows the risks of abuse untreated clubfoot children can face.

Did you know that clubfoot is one of the leading causes of disability in the developing world?  This report shows how children with disabilities can be victimized by abuse - yet another reason to support miraclefeet.

miraclefeet currently has a presence in 4 countries and is teamed with a network of clinics in each that provide free treatment to children with clubfoot using the Ponseti Method.  The Ponseti method is uniquely suited for use in these countries because there is no surgery required and the technique can be taught to therapists, orthopaedic assistants, and other health care providers.   This treatment is economical and easy on the infant, and when implemented correctly, will significantly increase the quality of life among children with clubfoot and can prevent the abuse this report explores.

Thank you for your support of miraclefeet - your support improves the quality of life and protects these children!