Importance of free clubfoot treatment in Maharashtra

A recently published article shed light about girls in Maharashtra State in India being named Nakushi, which means “unwanted” in a local language, Marathi.  A district health officer said “So strong is the desire for a male child that these girls are called Nakushi, without any proper naming ceremony.”

For girls with clubfoot born into these situations, their futures can be grim.  Many of the 222 girls named Nakushi in Maharashtra were born into poor families.  For poor families, paying for clubfoot treatment is impossible.  If left untreated, clubfoot can prevent children from walking and thus, going to school.  They risk living their lives in shame and humiliation.

miraclefeet has launched a new clubfoot initiative in Maharashtra State India. miraclefeet targeted Maharashtra due to the very large population living in Mumbai as well the other major cities, and the very limited availability of proper clubfoot treatment in public hospitals. miraclefeet is working in Maharashtra through a joint venture with CURE International India Trust. The goal in Maharashtra is to initially establish clubfoot clinics in 7 public hospitals (or hospitals serving low income populations for free) with the expectation that over 250 children will be enrolled in the first 6 months.

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