Campaign: LauRUN

Running a half-marathon is one thing, but miraclefeet Program Manager Lauren Wall decided to run 3 in 1 month, all in the name of miraclefeet.  You can visit her campaign page on Crowdrise.

What’s your connection to miraclefeet?
I have the best job in the world - I’m miraclefeet’s Program Manager!  I started with miraclefeet last May and I get to work with all of our amazing in-country partners.

Which came first - the idea to campaign for miraclefeet or to run 3 half-marathons in 1 month?
The idea of running more and raising money for miraclefeet developed more or less at the same time.  I ran 2 half-marathons last year and loved the training process and what it did for me health-wise.  I decided I wanted to run more half-marathons this year than last year, and I figured I should raise money for miraclefeet while doing so.  I really wanted to do a marathon, but traveling for miraclefeet has me leaving the country often to have a packed schedule in one of our partner countries with usually very little time to squeeze in a run.  A few weeks ago in Mexico, I had time to squeezed in a few miles one morning, but the rest of the days were too packed!  I knew I could handle training for half-marathons, but one half-marathon and not even two seemed fundraising worthy, so I chose to do 3 in 1 month, leading up to a trip to Brazil to visit clinics.

So no miraclefeet marathon for you?

Not right now - that’s my goal for the fall!

You’re done with 2… has it been difficult?

It wasn’t difficult until a few days ago during my 2nd half marathon.  It was so hilly and I don’t run hills near our office (in Carrboro, NC).  I’m not a naturally good runner, so while there are some people that can run half-marathons in under 2 hours with little training, that’s not me.  I have to train every mile on the schedule and hope for a good running day the morning of the race. 

What has been easier than you expected about it?
The use of social media made my fundraising a lot easier.  miraclefeet uses a social media platform called Crowdrise for fundraising like this and it was easy and fun to use.  Lots of my friends and family members saw what I was doing on Facebook and Twitter and decided to donate.

Any advice for others considering training for an endurance event as a fundraising campaign?

My advice would be to go for it.  Send me an email at and we’ll get started!  I was really nervous to hit the button to make my campaign live - What if I didn’t raise enough?  What if one of the races went poorly?  I’ve met my fundraising goal and yes, one of the races did go poorly - but I finished and during both of the half-marathons I have thought of each and every person that donated as well as of the children the money will help.  That was a new experience for me and served as incredible motivation.

You look pretty happy in this photo.

For three reasons.  1) I met my fundraising goal that day.  2) I have the best running partner, my dad (who you can tell by the amount of energy he had for this jump that he is the better runner!) and 3) That was the finish line!  I was done for the day!