clubfoot treatment by miraclefeet in Brazil

Heloisa lives with her mother and brother in a city called Rafard, 90 miles from Sao Paulo, and the miraclefeet partner clinic.  Each week, they leave their home at 4 a.m. and take a van from Rafard city hall that brings 10 patients from the small city to be treated in São Paulo’s Hospitals. In order to return to Rafard, they must wait for all 10 patients appointments to finish and for the van to return.  Heloisa’s mother, Juliana, used to work as a maid, but she was fired after Heloisa was born because she took so much time off to travel with her daughter.  Heloisa’s father deserted the family at her birth.  Each month he sends them a meager amount of money to cover food and rent for their apartment.  Dr. Laura says that “Juliana is a thoughtful mother, who genuinely worries about her daughter.” Still, with all these obstacles in the way, Heloisa received the proper clubfoot treatment using the Ponseti Method. As you can see by the images, it was a huge success!

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