Update from São Paulo Clinic


Dr. Laura Ferreira heads up the clubfoot clinic in São Paulo and was our very first partnership formed in Brazil back in October 2010. The new director of the hospital where Dr. Ferreira is very excited about the progress she and her team are making with treatments using the Ponseti Method.

In fact, the hospital intends to present treatment results to the Secretary of Health for São Paulo in order to raise awareness of this congenital birth defect. This will also help ensure that babies born with the condition in the Central-West part of São Paulo get referred to the clinic for treatment. 

Dr. Ferreira’s clinic is now a model on how to treat clubfoot correctly and has set a goal of enabling more clinics to emulate its success. Here’s an excerpt from Dr. Ferreira’s email to us after her meeting with her the director of the hospital:

“Today we had the meeting with our new hospital director…and it was very productive. She understands the importance of early treatment and is pleased our hospital now serves as a model on how to treat clubfoot correctly.”